Agent installation packages of various operating system versions (agent and server need to keep the same version)
1、Agent download: amd64, arm, macOS, mips, android, riscv64, s390x etc., for general Linux platforms agent-linux-amd64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
amd64 or x86_64 (Linux, Same as agent in wgcloud-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz): agent-linux-amd64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
amd64 or x86_64 (Windows, Same as agent in
arm (32): agent-linux-arm32-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
arm (64): agent-linux-arm64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
macOS (amd64): agent-macOS-amd64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
macOS (arm64): agent-macOS-arm64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
mips (64): agent-mips64le-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
mips (32): agent-mipsle-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
solaris (amd64): agent-solaris-amd64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
freeBSD (amd64): agent-freeBSD-amd64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
openBSD (amd64): agent-openBSD-amd64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
android (arm64): agent-android-arm64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
riscv64 : agent-linux-riscv64-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
s390x : agent-linux-s390x-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz

2、Agent download for 32-bit Linux and Windows
linux 32(amd or x86) : agent-linux-386-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz
windows 32 :
android(arm32) : agent-android-arm32-v3.4.2-en.tar.gz


3、Daemon wgcloud-daemon-release Other system versions download

When the server runs on arm, macOS, mips and other systems, the description of the daemon wgcloud-daemon-release needs to be replaced