Description of agent configuration file (agent needs to be restarted to take effect after modification)
1、agent/config/, except that the red mark needs to be modified, other items can be temporarily defaulted, and will be adjusted according to the actual scenario later

#wgcloud-server web url,Replace the following with the server host IP and port

#The local IP address can be blank. When it is blank, the local IP address is selected by default. It can be configured as characters or numbers. It should not exceed 50 characters

#The communication token should be consistent with the wgToken configured on the server side

#Monitor speed, in seconds, cannot be less than 120 for free edition and 30 for pro-version. This value is not recommended to be greater than 600

#The hard disk smart checks whether it is on, yes is on, no is off, and the smartmontools tool needs to be installed when it is on

#Whether the agent is allowed to execute the instructions issued by the server, yes Yes, no No

#Retention days of agent running log files. The last 30 days of log files are retained by default

#The scanning interval of the monitoring log file, in seconds, is 10 minutes by default. The free version value cannot be less than 600, and the pro-version value can be less than 600

#The monitoring interval of the custom monitor item, in seconds, is 10 minutes by default. This function needs to be upgraded to the professional version

#The login account of the associated member can only be associated with one account, which is blank by default

#The name of the network card monitored by the bandwidth upstream and downstream rate indicator (such as eth0).
#Multiple network cards are separated by commas. An empty identifier indicates that all network cards (including virtual network cards) are monitored
The wgToken is the communication key between the agent and the server, which is equivalent to a password. It can be customized as your own configuration password (it needs to be consistent with the wgToken value in server/config/application.yml), It can be defaulted temporarily

The agent configuration file is of the properties type, so no space needs to be reserved after the equal sign
The agent configuration files of the same version are the same
3、Other instructions

Other host monitoring, view How to deploy agent on monitoring host
One click deployment agent script description (Linux version)
If the agent cannot directly connect to the server, it can transfer and report the data to the server through the proxy wgcloud proxy, View Description
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