Professional License Price
1、Purchase contact:
2、 Price:

Personal  Free

  • Suitable for personal
  • Monitor speed:2 minutes
  • DB Monitor:10
  • Table Monitor:10
  • API Monitor:10
  • Process Monitor:10
  • Docker Monitor:10
  • Port Monitor:10
  • Log Monitor:10
  • View Trend Chart:Last 5 days
  • Command Send:10
  • File Security:10
  • PING Monitor:10
  • SNMP Monitor:10
  • Equipment:10
  • Report:Last 7 days
  • Technical support:Nothing

Professional Purchase by package

  • Suitable for individuals, groups, enterprises and other units
  • Monitor speed:30 seconds
  • DB Monitor:unlimited
  • Table Monitor:unlimited
  • API Monitor:unlimited
  • Process Monitor:unlimited
  • Docker Monitor:unlimited
  • Port Monitor:unlimited
  • Log Monitor:unlimited
  • View Trend Chart:unlimited
  • Command Send:unlimited
  • File Security:unlimited
  • PING Monitor:20
  • SNMP Monitor:20
  • Equipment:unlimited
  • Report:Last 30 days
  • Technical support:Free service
  • Custom Monitor:yes
  • Open data API、Excel:yes
  • Read only account, hidden copyright:yes
  • Member account:yes
  • Customized logo and system name:yes
  • Large screen:yes
  • Price:$25/Year$120/Permanent
3、 Payment (after payment, contact us to obtain the License authorization file, and the authorization will be generated about 5 minutes after payment)
Account transfer
4、 Other instructions:
(1) The authorized price is not the price of a single host, but the package priceFor example, the license price of the professional version of 30 hosts ($35/year) means that this license allows monitoring of up to 30 hosts, not every host in a year $35
(2) Please contact us for technical support
(3) Professional licensing price, excluding source code, If secondary development of source code is required, Purchase source code description
(4) The licensed price of professional edition does not include installation and deployment services (due to different user environments, debugging and installation do take some time) and function customization
(5) After purchasing the Professional Edition, if the number of hosts increases beyond the original authorized number, you can upgrade the license or upgrade to a permanent license by making up the difference within the validity period of the license
(6) After purchase, we will send the license file Txt, save it in the server/directory, restart the server, log in 5 seconds later, and see it change to wgcloud-pro in the lower right corner. Move the mouse up to display the expiration time and the number of nodes
(7) The license file can be changed/migrated , A license can only be resolved by one server host. If not, please purchase an appropriate number of authorization documents
(8) If the license file is lost, please contact us, and we will reissue a license with the same information for free